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Information Important
Joined: 18th Mar 2017
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17th Apr 2017

Important Update:

I'd just like to update everyone on the server, as it has been down for the past two days. Before anyone asks, we're not ditching StrandedRealm, but we're switching out prison, for factions. I have all the data backed up for prison on my pc, so the server won't be lost. I decided to switch it out because prison was barely getting any players, and it isn't easy at all to get players in general, especially for a prison server, so i'm going to try with a faction server, which I hope will gain more players. Prison Map 1 went really well bug wise and gameplay wise, the only thing it lacked was an active player base. I want to thank you all who played map 1 of prison, and for those who got free, don't worry you didn't waste your time getting there, you will be rewarded with a donor rank. All Bans/warnings will be reset upon the factions release too. While I work on factions Zythenic will be working a new server too, which will be HCF, so keep checking in for more information on thatt


I will be demoting all current staff members until the server is done, since it is pointless to have a team with no player base. Thank you all for your service.

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Joined: 10th Apr 2017
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18th Apr 2017

Sweet! Cant wait to come back
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