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Rules // Common Sense
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17th Mar 2017

We do not allow any sort of hacked client or any modification that can give an advantage to players. If this rule is not followed, it will result in a permanent ban from our network. If a ghost client is found in a screenshare, it will result in a blacklist.

1st Offense: 31 day ban.
1st Offense (If admitted): 14 day ban.
2nd Offense: Perm Ban

Any sort of duping done purposely on our network will result in a Permanent Ban. If had found a dupe glitch, report it to staff immediately without posting in public chat!
1st Offense: Permanent Ban

DDoS/Dox/Hack Threats
Do not threaten to DoX or DDoS any member of our server. Do not threaten to hack player accounts. This will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate blacklist.

1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Releasing Private Info
Do not release private information of anyone here in our community. This includes but is not limited to IP addresses, addresses, phone numbers, names, or Skype usernames. The severity of the private information & punishment will be determined by this.

IRL photos, family member names, ect: 24 hour ban (This must be reported by the player whose name/photo was released, not all players mind if this information is used)

Skype Username, any social media username, zip code, town name, school name: 7 day ban

IP Addresses, Phone Numbers, DOX Information, Home Addresses, email address, passwords: Permanent Ban.

Posting Malicious Links

Do not send links meant to harm anyone. These can include phishing links, links that download keyloggers, or IP grabbers.

First Offense: Permanent Ban

Do not advertise any external website or IP that could potentially draw users away from our network. Although, some exceptions include Twitch, Youtube, and any streaming sites. If advertising a teamspeak IP in public chat, it will result in a 2 hour mute and an immediate chat clear. Do not advertise any inappropriate links, such as porn or anything of that nature. Doing so will result in a 2 hour mute.

1st Offense: 31 day ban
1st Offense (For TS/Discord Ips) 2 hour mute and chat clear.
1st Offense (Inappropriate Links) 2 hour mute and chat clear.

There is no reason to spam a message more then twice. Doing so will have you receiving a warning or possibly a mute if continued.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Warning
3rd Offense: 10 minute mute

Staff Disrespect
Please respect and obey all members of the staff team at all times. Disrespecting any of our staff is not allowed. They have worked so hard to keep the server running for the community, and there is no reason to disrespect them.

1st Offense: 2hour mute.
2nd Offense: 12hour mute.
3rd Offense: 24hour ban

Do not threaten any user of our community. Death, SWAT, hostage, & bodily harm, threats are serious and will be punished. Death wishes such as "kys" or encouraging suicide will also be punished with seriousness. Coming in Teamspeak and making up random acronyms to avoid punishment will not help you.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1hour mute
3rd Offense: 12hour mute

Illegal Trading

Do not use our server as a way to give away or sell your MC account. Trading server items or money for anything not that is not related to our server is not allowed. That is what MCM is for.

1st Offense: 1hour mute
2nd Offense: 2hour mute
3rd Offense: 2hour ban

Inappropriate Faction Names
Do not create any pornographic, racist, or inappropriate names.

1st Offense: Warning to all officers/owners online.
2nd Offense: If they have not listened, it is a faction disband.

Evading any of these punishments will result in your original ban getting doubled and your alternative account being punished. Come into teamspeak or discord to prove it was a sibling. 
Forum » Administration » Rules Locked
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