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Regarding Banned Players
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17th Mar 2017

Discussing Bans
Another person's ban is usually not your business. Generally, we try to keep discussions regarding a player's ban between our staff and the banned player in question. This is why we'll either ignore you when you ask why someone is banned, or when you ask us to unban them.

Asking us to unban someone
This accomplishes - nothing!
Contrary to popular belief, saying:
Can you unban my friend?
Really doesn't get you very far. If someone wants to be unbanned, they should submit a ban appeal following the format Whether their appeal is accepted or not is generally up to the original issuer of the ban, however a higher ranked staff member's decision takes priority.

We don't ban for no reason
I've seen quite a few ban appeals on other server forums that claim they were banned without legitimate reason. What's considered  legitimate reason  is not up to you. We ban, temporarily ban, and warn players if it's what we think is best for the community.
Forum » Appeals » Ban Appeals Locked
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